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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid: a lifestyle for today

Guidelines for Adult population.

To live a healthy life it involves taking care of our bodies with regular physical activity, adequate rest and a good diet. The Mediterranean Diet is based on the classic Mediterranean lifestyle: a variety of fresh, healthy foods eaten in moderation with daily physical activity. Research shows a direct link between this healthy diet and a lower incidence of heart and other diseases.  According to the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, olive oil, fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed at every main meal. Cara Mia artichokes, specialty vegetables, olive oil and vinegar are ideal ingredients to creating healthy meals.Artichokes are the heart of Cara Mia. The artichoke is a nutrient rich vegetable that is a member of the thistle family and are one of the oldest foods known to man. Artichokes are actually the flower bud of the plant, loaded with naturally occurring antioxidants; it is on the USDA list of the top 20 antioxidant richest foods.  And we are not alone in our praise of the artichoke, for additional information about the benefits of including artichokes in your diet, please visit the following sites: